Let Go Of Her, Be Victorious

Imagery by  Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen

Imagery by Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen

She doesn’t want to end up with you. You’re where she wants to begin.

She can never get over loving you.
But don’t let her get used to of trying to.
Because her heart’s too heavy to keep pace with your games.
She will think that you’re walking away. If only you could make her realize that you were pushed.
When you try, she’ll fire at you, you’ll hide behind the icy walls you’ve made. Higher the walls are, harder will be her shots, till she strips her heart bare.
Don’t keep her waiting. Don’t. You aren’t coming. She isn’t leaving. Nobody is. Shut her windows, bolt her door against the hopeless hope.
Release her and leave. Forever.
Everything will fall in it’s place, it always has.
You aren’t needed when it happens.
But you can’t leave her altogether because you still have feelings for her? Oh, fuck you.
Grow a pair, and don’t be afraid of saying goodbye. Take the pain, and suffer, for you’ve made her suffer. Let the separation happen. Scream your ordeals through your work. You were not born to be heartbroken or grieved. You were born to be victorious. Be that.
Now get back to work.
Submitted to ArtParasites by Sarthak Mishra