Last Chance: On Lines Exhibition

Get offline and get to the On Lines exhibition tonight for the closing event at Kunstraum t27. A bit of fluorescent light and some 3D drawing is the perfect cure for the Sunday blues that are inevitably pervading each part of your existence and mind today. The drawing work of five artists will be presented and include works from Jeongmoon Choi, Werner Keller, Arne Schreiber, Carsten Struck, Benedikt Terwiel. There will be an artist talk to wrap up the exhibition, so you have the chance to meet the artists in person and ask anything you can fathom. 

We had the chance to catch Jeongmoon Choi’s parallel exhibit titled Drawing in Space at galerie weisser elefant last month and were very impressed with her ability to make wool cool again with 3D drawing designs and patterns extended throughout the room. Add fluorescent lights to the mix and the drawing in space takes on a new life as the wool appears to become light beams shooting across the room. Choi’s Drawing in Space exhibit closed last evening, but the good news is that a smaller installation of Choi’s work will be presented for one last night this evening at Kunstraum t27! 

Feeling Lucky?

In addition the closing artist talk at the exhibition closing today, there will also be an art lottery where art work donated from the artists themselves will be given away to the lucky lottery winners. Be sure to check out the closing and see if today is your lucky day! See you there, artparasites.

  • Kunstraum t27 – “On Lines”. Closing Event: Sunday, June 3rd 2012, 7:30pm. Thomasstr. 27 12053 Berlin