It’s Okay To Be Broken

Drawing by Atsuko Goto

Drawing by Atsuko Goto

The human spirit is resilient. But sometimes it breaks. Sometimes things fall apart and you lose a piece of yourself before you’ve even noticed. Sometimes the human spirit falls ill. You find yourself sitting alone one day, only just now realizing that something is not okay; something is not right within yourself. And you question where things went wrong.

The human spirit holds the key to beauty and wonder. But sometimes things fall dark and quiet and become empty; like an echo in a lifeless room. Sometimes the human spirit embodies hope. We find new life in dead places and see the joy that can be found in overcoming misfortune. But sometimes hope feels far and distant. Sometimes you can’t seem to grab onto the rope hanging out in front of you, no matter how hard you try and how desperately you reach.

And that’s okay.

It’s okay to be broken.
It’s okay for your spirit to feel ill.
It’s okay to be quiet and still.
It’s okay to feel hopeless.
It’s okay to be tired.

Because it’s these very things that make you beautifully human. There is no need to be anything more; no need to be anything less.

Just be. Feel. Cry. Break.

And one day the sun will rise again and you will see colour where the world was once grey. And you will be glad that you allowed yourself to be grey. Because it is only after the haze of the grey has disappeared that we find true wonder and magnificence and real beauty in all that the world has to give.

So, break – it’s okay.

You will be okay.

Submitted anonymously to ArtParasites