It’s About Time (To Get Out Of Bed)

How do you perceive time? Be prepared, for this is the question that the exhibition “A minute is not a Minute” will throw immediately at you; challenging and skewing your perceptions as it does so. Step into SUPERMARKT, a new gallery space in the district Wedding, as it takes its first baby steps into the Berlin Art Scene. Lucky for you, we have a tip for an after-exhibition glass (or two) of wine after you immerse yourself in the mesmerizing paintings and photography.


Born from the Freie Universität Berlin, the students of the seminar group, Curatorial Practice, are the creative forces behind the group show which blurs the boundaries between the upcoming and the established artist, for here both are welcome. The twenty artists who take part also extend this open armed approach to the body of work, one that spans the darkest corners of contemporary art; exhibiting painting, photography and installation fluidly in the same space.


The Sand of Time

The striking photography of Olga Kessler stands out from the crowd. In her images we look into the eyes of rigid subjects with blank expressions. Children and adults sit side by side, cold detachment written across both their faces; the contrast in age giving us the impression that time is slipping through our fingers. The silent disposition of the photographs is pleadingly haunting, urging us to wake from the coma in which we sleep and to acknowledge once again life and time.


Another firm favorite was Elke Graalfs’ hyper-realistic painting, playing very literally on the “stitch in time” motif. This piece was mesmerizing; simple and beautifully refined. I lost myself in the weave, travelling along its surface, up and down the sloping hills of texture. Oversized, it engulfed me, forcing me to consider each stitch, each second, every moment.


Why not schedule your visit one evening this weekend (when the gallery will stay open until 8pm) and afterwards head to the restaurant Weinerei Forum on the adjoining road of Veteranenstraße (14). Here pay 2 Euros entry and then, once you’ve filled yourself with as much food and wine as will fit, pay what YOU think your meal was worth… and stay as long as you want.


  • SUPERMARKT Group Show 13th July – 27th July 2012 (Opening Times: Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm, Sat – Sun 2pm – 8pm)