Is That You in There?

Is it a piece of stone marble, or maybe a paint swirl…maybe it’s still wet! Those were some of my first reactions upon entering the exhibit by Agnieszka Brezanska, titled, “Back to the Garden,” currently housed in Galerie Kamm. What lay before me was a print on the ground that resembled a spinning swirl, an abyss, but somehow a friendly one. Upon entering the second room of the exhibit, I was delighted to find bright greens, oranges, pinks and blues. But above all of these intoxicating bright colors was the black leaf pattern, which laid over the images that lay below. I had a feeling that I was within a jungle forest and every image that Brezezanska created was multi-fold for me.

Back to the Past

The prints that hang from the wall reminded me of looking up at the forest sky when my grandpa would take me for walks in the woods when I was little. Everything was so big than, so much lay above me. And there I stood in the middle of the gallery where so much lay above each image. When I circled around the two canvases, which create a sculpture in the middle of the room. I saw that they also housed a television below, which plays a recording from the artist, the tones filled the room with an eerie music, dark and curious. Finishing my circle of the second room I stood before the image of leaves with the bright pink background. I had to keep up with my imagination as I visualized the bunch of leaves coming to life in the form of a great woolly mammoth with a bright pinksetting sun in the horizon behind him, yet everything else lay before him.

 Back to the Garden

Photo: Jackie Smith, Back to the Garden, Agnieszka Brzezanska, 2012 Courtesy of: Galerie Kamm

Are You Ok In There?

There were also a collection of amazing photographs, one where the artist was able to create an image of a tree, a web, but if you looked closer you saw it was human hair. Another, a child in a climbing tree, or was it? It was remarkably interesting. In one particular painting there is a completed painting of a young woman, which is overlaid by the black leaf pattern. An image of Adam and Eve came to my mind. The woman sitting under the tree was Eve, lost, alone, without Adam. But under a tree. It was ok. She still had the garden to keep her company. As I stood before these images, recalling how truly amazing nature is, I was so glad to be in Berlin, where finding a green space is always easy, and “Back to the Garden,” is there to help remind to always take a second look. As I turned to leave the exhibit I came face to face with myself. A reflective mirror covered in the now familiar black pattern. I looked closer. There I was with much below, and much above. I left Rosa-Luxembourg St. and went for a walk in Tiergarten. This time while walking through the garden I remembered to look up, there was so much to see.

  • Galerie Kamm Agnieszka Brezanska – “Back to the Garden” March 10th – April 15th Tue-Sat: 11am-6pm