How To Do It Right

Can’t make all of those art openings and closing parties scattered throughout Berlin? Well this Saturday you can catch the whole show from start to finish at DUVE. Artist Steff Loewenbaum presents “Discord and Duality,” a six-hour-long, all-encompassing art event centered on light and its harmony or lack thereof with space. And when we say the whole show, we really mean it! You can start your evening with the opening party and check out the exhibition, then catch the after party, and finally enjoy the closing party, all without leaving the comfort of the gallery walls! DUVE will be moving after this event, so this is your last chance to catch the art venue in its present-state! 

That’s right, you don’t need to have spent 24 hours watching The Clock to feel like you’ve experienced the entire artwork. Along with Loewenbaum’s 6 hour investigation into the interaction of light and space, you get to experience the sounds of DJ Robi Insinna//Headman. Sound good? Yeah we think so too.

Be aware, this is the last night for DUVE in their current space. They’re celebrating as they get ready to pack up and move to their new location in Kreuzberg. So for old times sake, go out, head over to DUVE and make it a Saturday night to remember! We know you won’t regret it!

  • DUVE  Exhibition on Saturday, August 4th Opening at 6pm, Afterparty at the gallery DJ: Robi Insinna//Headman at 10pm, Closing Party 12am-1am