How International Can You Get?

Berlin is home to many film festivals that pop up throughout the year and attract celebrities, film-makers and random movie fanatics who wait in line for hours (or days) just to get a pair of tickets (Ever heard of the Berlinale film festival?). Well this week, Berliners and audiovisual lovers are in for a treat: the internationally renowned film festival “Rencontres Internationales” is stopping in Berlin after having blown away the art scenes in both Paris and Madrid. Starting tonight and lasting through Sunday, free top quality experimental audiovisual films will be screened at the spacious venue Haus der Kulturen der Welt. We met one of the curators behind the film festival, Jean-Francois Rettig, for a sneak-peak at what visitors can expect!


Witness the Evolution of Audiovisual Arts 


Madrid, Paris and Berlin – all cities are highly active and brimming with art. Jean-Francois explained to us the significance of Berlin as the final stop in this three-city-film-tour; as a city historically defined by the opposing pull between two different forces and cultures (East and West), this division is still felt to this day and results in a city rife with creativity and the habitual circulation of multi-disciplinary art and events. What better place to witness the transcendence and evolution of audiovisual arts where technical form meets newer equipment, fresher minds? 


Lucky for us film-goers don’t have to idle around passively at this event, several very talented artists whose films are featured in the festival will be visiting from around the globe (Finland, USA, and Portugal just to name a few). Expect meet and greets and plenty of time for Q&A. Highlights from the schedule include the new and innovative documentary form of “My Dubai;” the German premiere of Mark Lewis‘ film; and a guest appearence by portuguese film-maker Pedro Costa. So what can visitors expect in just a few words? “Surprising, Sharing, Visual Adventures!” says Jean Francois with a grin. 


See you there artparasites! And don’t forget: if you attend today, you get free admittance to the afterparty at HBC later this evening!


  •  Haus der Kulturen der Welt “Rencontres Internationales” film festival. Free Admission. Opening Tuesday July 3, 2012 at 7pm. Running through Sunday July 8, 2012. More info on the schedule here