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Hope Will Never Be Silent — It’s Time To Speak Up! A Message Of Will To Speak

Harvey Milk - Freedom thinker, speaker and activist

Harvey Milk - Freedom thinker, speaker and activist

If there is a voice to be heard, it’s what we are entitled to pronounce freely. It is a message we wish to author in behalf of the ears that need to hear it. Times we speak, times we affirm with a voice of liberty, times we communicate ideas and talk about what hope can do for society, politics and culture, what hope can do for the individual, what hope can do for mankind, it’s time we take stand and make it our mission to educate.

Your voice needs to be heard so you can speak freely. Use your voice to start dialogues with individuals and groups around you. The topics of discussion are of little importance, what matters is the talk. Try to be helpful in understanding people around you so to communicate with ease. Be assertive in terms of asking friendly questions and give your answers with generosity.

We are what we communicate. Hear your voice out loud for yourself and enjoy the choice of your words, the syntax of your sentences and phrases, your tone of voice as it speaks in modulations. Read poetry aloud, read your books aloud, in quiet solitude or to a room full of people. People listen if the reader speaks from the heart to bring joy to ears and minds.

Pitch free ideas to people. Individuals are perceptive to understand ideas that would work for their personal interests. Pitching your ideas to a group creates neural connections. Network freely and move with ease. Everybody is searching for someone to help them with something. Do your best in other people’s interests. Some will return the favor.

Poster design by Jeremy Matthews & Brett Wickens

Harvey Milk, Bullhorn. Poster design by Jeremy Matthews & Brett Wickens

Practice free speech. Grab a microphone one day. It may be your future new best friend. Have you heard yourself lately? Are your outspoken in your daily conquests? Speak in front of the mirror and don’t be shy about it. Speak loud and clear about your future goals, objectives, short term and long terms plans, speak about what you can improve about yourself and what you can do for somebody else. Write your ideas on paper. Structure your speech to deliver a clear message of will and intent. Use cue cards like magic tricks to speak in front of audiences. Surprise someone with a long discourse on a subject you love.

Speak about your feelings as well as ideas. Are you happy for a better tomorrow? What are your hopes and dreams? What do you require from other people? Feelings are a powerful medium for communication. Empathy and sympathy stem from understanding the feelings involved. Ideas are sincere in their nature. They are objective to the point of subjectivity. What is your philosophy, your code of conduct? Inspire ideas that make people feel the joy of your intellect. Inspire ideas to other people.

Hear other people talk and listen. Listen to other people talk and hear them. Ask good questions. You win trust from people if you listen to what they have to say. Your processing powers of understanding are what people count on when they speak about themselves, their feelings or their ideas. Use your processing abilities to work out someone’s problem, be it emotional or practical. Listen first.

Speak in kind words about other people. It shows respect to yourself. Someday they’ll return the favor. Be a good friend and choose words of consideration when speaking about your companions and acquaintances. Tell nice stories about your family, your friends, your competitors. Have the courage to address people personally if you need to share something with them. Speak with good intent and it will return its own favor.

Make other people listen to you. It is best to make yourself heard when the time is right. Structure your plan of action, know clearly what you need to say. Have initiative in seizing the moment, capture the attention and speak freely. It is easier to impress if you first try to express.

Have something to say. Do you have something to say? We would love to hear it. Harvey Milk had something to say. He was a freedom thinker, speaker and activist. He spoke with courage and believed in himself, believed in a society that values communication and cooperation. He believed in the good of making the world a better place for tomorrow and presently it is our duty to hold the flag up. Dare to think, dare to speak, dare to act.

The good

Harvey Milk is the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California, when he won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977 and symbolized the freedom to live life with authenticity to millions of LGBT women and men around the world. He was a true leader, whose passion was palpable and has expanded the decades since his untimely assassination. He brought not only the LGBTQ community forward, but he fought for the visibility of all minorities. He was a leader and advocate for equal human rights.


As a nonprofit organization, the Harvey Milk Foundation works tirelessly across the globe to spread Harvey Milk’s vision: a world where all individuals, without exception, are afforded the same, equal human rights.

The Levi’s® brand is proud to announce its first global “Worn With Pride” collection for 2016 in partnership with the Harvey Milk Foundation. A long-standing ally to the LGBTQ community, the Levi’s® brand will commemorate the election and legacy of Harvey Milk through a range of gender-neutral product. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Harvey Milk Foundation.


The Levi’s® brand is proud and honored to support the Harvey Milk Foundation in its notably effective, inclusive, and ongoing global work. The Levi’s® x Harvey Milk Foundation Pride 2016 collection is the physical representation of Levi’s® belief in equality for all people while continuing the legacy of one outspoken, courageous and pioneering individual, whose inspiring example will never be forgotten.


Have courage to speak and hope will never be silent. 

♥ Love from Berlin.