Heads Up: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

Good news: in rare Berlin fashion, the weekend promises to bring a massive amount of sun. Better news: we have a line-up of weekend art events and parties that might be even brighter than the weekend forecast. Start off by nerding it up on Thursday with numerous free art lectures and tours, then be sure to check out Friday’s free video art on the big screen, and don’t miss your chance to see art “One on One” at KW on Saturday. Find more ideas and details below:

Thursday November 15th 2012

Idrawalot – Stephane Leonard Book Releases – 7-11:30 pm [Free]

Who doesn’t love new books, especially of the large-scale, art variety? Luckily for Berlin, Idrawalot is releasing two new books, “SHINE” and “noise,” by German artist Stephane Leonard. In “SHINE,” you can retrace Leonard’s exploration of the "aura" of human beings in his drawings, collages and paintings. Meanwhile, noise is a book of drawings examining the moment when things fall apart, thereby also creating something in its wake.

Kreuzberg Pavillon – “AN-UND ABZUG” – 8-12 pm [Free]

How many ways are there to approach the image of human being? Büro Adalbert, a project founded in Kreuzberg in 2008, will show you six artistic takes on the subject for its latest exhibition. Head over to the impressive Old Post building this Friday to engage in this examination of your species.

Staatsgalerie – “Punk in East Germany (Photographs from 1980 – 84)”? Tour, Reading and panel discussion – 9-11pm [Free]

An exhibition of photographs entitled ?“Punk in East Germany (Photographs from 1980 – 84)”? sounds enticing enough. However, layer on top of that a reading and panel discussion, not to mention a tour of the exhibition with the curator Sigrid Schulze, and you’ve got a winning combination. Be sure to head over to this Prenzlauer Berg destination to take advantage of this European Month of Photography event.

Import Projects – Johannes Förster Talk – 8 pm

As part of Import Projects’ current exhibition “Liquid Archive” with photographs by Johannes Förster, you can hear the photographer himself in conversation with art historian Nico Anklam. A young German artist, Förster is displaying his personal photography collection that has taken on new life after being exposed to heavy rainfall. His exhibition focuses on exposing and exploring the resulting analogue imperfects in this digital age and the fragility of a photographic print.

Friday November 16th 2012

EXPO – "Voyeurs" Performance – 8:30 pm

One part live concert and one part contemporary art installation, SABIME’s “Voyuers” promises to equate to a full night of fun. A project run by Sabine Jamme and De Morgen, SABIME will put on an unusual show. Part of the series “Voyeurs”, the performers don’t act directly in front of the public. Instead, they are entrapped within the exhibiting apparatus, a closed white cube of 8m3, and the spectators can peek only through the fabric of the cube. Take part in this peculiar event and reconsider your position in the viewing process.

Morgen Contemporary – “Nooland” Exhibition Opening – 7pm [Free]

Have a penchant for art teeming with bizarre and enigmatic creatures, in the style of Hieronymous Bosch? Then the “Nooland” exhibition at Morgen Contemporary will suit your fancy. An added perk: Gregory McKechnie, the artist, will be in attendance. Icing on the cake: we are giving away two tickets to the invite-only event at Morgen Contemporary on Saturday. Check our facebook page for more details.

Babylon – Video Art at Midnight – 12 am [Free]

“Once a month, always on a Friday, always at midnight we show video art in the renowned cinema Babylon in Berlin Mitte.” Sounds like a winning concept to me. Video Art at Midnight is pushing the boundaries of conventional video art by taking the art outside the gallery and into a community cinema format, plush chairs and all. This event will feature three works by Berlin-based artists, and you will even get the chance to meet some of them in person. Just don't expect any popcorn.

Saturday November 17th 2012

KW Institute for Contemporary Art – “One on One” Exhibition Opening –12am-10pm?

Are you sick of attending art openings where you don't actually get the chance to see the art? At KW’s opening of “One to One," all this will change. The entire gallery space will be devoted to self-contained spaces with a capacity of just one viewer at a time, allowing for novel intimacy and direct confrontation with an artwork. Since each room of the exhibition is only accessible to one person at a time, be early or bring time/patience. Go see the show…One On One!

Helmut Newton Foundation – Tour of “Helmut Newton” Exhibition – 2-4pm

Although the Helmut Newton Foundation might be slightly perturbed at berlin-artparasites, we still think you should head over for a discussion and tour of “Big Nudes.” If you are brave enough, you can try your own nude photo shoot stunt.

Neonchocolate Gallery – “REPETITITS” Exhibition Opening – 8pm [Free]

REPETITITS is an intercontinental art collective formed by visual artists, experimental musicians, video makers, and performers. For its first collaborative project, “REPETITITS” will interfere with the member’s work on an intercontinental scale. More directly, each artist will create a piece in his native country and then the group will father to create assemblage of pieces.

Article by Patricia Restrepo