Have a hART

Opera Village Africa is a project to help the area just outside Ouagadougou, the Capital of Burkina Faso through the development of art and creativity by providing places for art and experimentation and amenities for the village. This was Schlingensief’s last project before he passed away in 2010, yet the project wasn’t abandoned and is continually growing to make this idea a reality.

operndorf afrika
Photo: Frieder Schlaich, courtesy of the photographer. Time to celebrate!

Lots big names in the art world are showing their support for the project. The contribution of artworks to the auction by many notorious artists ensures that there will be a high quality of art pieces. Even though you won’t be able to bid unless you have registered beforehand, this looks set to be an exciting evening at the Hamburger Bahnhof! So why not have a heart and show your support for the cause tonight.