Good Enough to Eat

Not only can Bosis make a mean coffee, it turns out he’s pretty good at making sandwiches as well! Unfortunately, Bosis’ mouth-watering snacks are not to be eaten and you probably wouldn’t want to anyway as they are made of paint – this is the artist’s “Panini Series”, which is about more than the Italian sandwich and looks at the lack of money and needs that are not met.

Is It All About Food? 

Bosis examines another “Lack” in his other works. Children’s empty plates around the world demonstrate a lack of food in the third world and a lack of morals in the developed world. The hungry children could do with one of Bosis’ paninis and those without morals could do with some of the artist’s depth of thought and also depth of painting. Bosis captures the world and its people with deep and varied tones in a way that cleverly reflects the subject. Sumo wrestlers and boxers are blurred to capture movement, whilst the stares of the children are sometimes desperate, sometimes sad but always clear and full of feeling.

Stefano Bosis - Panini Series Is it time for lunch yet? Stefano Bosis, Panini Series.

The berlin-artparasites crew is planning a special event with Bosis that is sure to get your mouth-watering! Get ready for some tasty italian food and delectable artwork. Stay tuned! We’ll announce the details within the next days…