Gone Baby Gone

Have you seen that episode of Girls where Jessa proclaims, jaded as she is, that she still holds out hope that the next party will be the best party ever? I’m not generally an optimist, or even a party person per se, but some nights, when the snow shines just right and the line around Tucholskystraße is so long you literally cannot see the end, I am able to hold out hope that the C/O Bye Bye Mitte Party might actually be the best party ever. Hope may spring eternal in the human breast, but what happens after you pass through the velvet ropes (or, in this case, metal line dividers). For that matter, what happens while you’re waiting in line? What happens at the best art party of the year? BAPs reports back.


Bye Bye_05Bella Berlin parties hard. Photo: Chris Phillips 


Assumptions might make an ass of you and me, but it’s hope makes us wait in line for more than an hour for an art party. The hope of making it in to the (now former) C/O building for the last hurrah of one of Berlin’s art institutions. The hope of claiming one of the 1500 coveted spots on the dance floor when 7000 people have RSVPed on Facebook. 


Bye Bye_03 The bar at C/O’s Bye Bye Mitte party. Photo: Chris Phillips


With a warm coat and a bottle of wine in my purse I made my way out of Oranienburger Tor and onto the street, where like magic, like lemmings, like large, well-dressed ants, the artsy masses made their way into a messy line and began the long wait. At the beginning there was silence and cell phones—a lot of “where are you”s and toe-tapping, accompanied by anxious gazes in the direction of the S-bahn. There were furs of every spot and stripe, lipstick in every shade of red, sexy flat-soled shoes and several small dogs poking their adorable faces out of purses. 


c-o2Betsy and Jannis. Photo: Chris Phillips


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