Get Your Art On

This year’s Universität der Kunste (UdK) Rundgang is something that is not to be missed. For those unfamiliar with this event, the UdK – Berlin’s top arts university, and one of the best in all of Europe – brings together all of its art students in one massive exhibition once a year. A time to celebrate work achieved and reflect on the fruits of the past year… or really, a time to drop everything, exhibit your work and yourself, and party til the first lights of dawn. The Rundgang 2012’s opening party on Thursday night was the place to be in Berlin – thousands of people wandering the halls of the multiple university buildings; tons of wine, beer, mexicana shots; homemade schnitzel; music and dancing… and of course the freshest and most varied collection of artwork in Berlin. Take a look at our photo journal of the event for some highlights of the evening, and make sure to stop by the UdK while the Rundgang is still on until Sunday evening (July 15th).


Peter having fun with one of the artworks outside.

Ana Laderle and Julia Boxter

Ana Laderle and Julia Boxter posing with their brilliant gold-colored necklaces.


Jonas and Raul

Jonas and Raul from Sozial Helden pondering over just how is it that the UdK might just be the best event art exhibition in Berlin. 

Maicira and Roga

Maicira and Roga all smiles and enjoying the UdK courtyard.


Not feeling blue at all: Art student Aya and her artwork.


Raoul blending in pleasantly with the background.


Arty sex-shop: Robert Kubler inside one of the installations .

 max helen zerv

Max Dogs, Tegene Kunbi and Helen Zerv (http://www.netsaartvillage.com/) agreeing that it is indeed party time.

 yu robert

Walter Yu, Robert Kubler and friend figuring out the best way to cut through this wood. A beer bottle could get messy!


Florian lounging it a bit as the night is only just beginning… 


Alexander’s brilliant rims look like a piece of artwork themselves!



The beautiful Marie posing with some of her elegant drawings.

 David Schmierer and Anna Lena

 David Schmierer and Anna Lena excited to be at the Rundgang again. 

Norgard Kroeger and Diego del Rio

Norgard Kroeger and Diego del Rio engaging in an impromptu makeover!

Feeling boxy?! Clemence sure is!


Inna Levinson with a devious smile! What’s next?!

Lisa and Peter

Lisa and Peter exploring the hundreds of open rooms at the UdK. 

Chun and Robert

Chun and Robert brightening up the room with their extravagent outfits!


Tom Werner enjoying the Club Mate… the night is still only just beginning!

Lisa and Daniel

Lisa and Daniel posing in front of Daniel’s artistic poster (of himself!). Get one while you can, they’re free!

Robert and Claire

Robert and Claire posing with their homemade moustaches. 

Clara and Jone

Clara and Jone enjoying some Bionade – another beverage of choice in Berlin.


All attention on Jaide!

Akiyoshi mishima and Hiroki Tsukuda

Akiyoshi Mishima and Hiroki Tsukuda make this lively studio of art even more lively!


Sofie and friends socializing with others and enjoying the evening to the max. 

Karl and Matthias – what kind of hat is that?!