Get ready for the Berlin Biennale

Yes this weekend is the Gallery Weekend and we are very excited, but kicking off at the same time is the 7th Berlin Biennale which will be celebrating contemporary art at the KW Institute until the 1st July. This is one of the most anticipated art events in Berlin’s cultural calendar, so it’s time to get your art on and discover fresh, new art. In an open call, artists stated their political ideals and this year’s Biennale aims to investigate the relationship between art and politics, and the role art plays, could play or should play in politics. It therefore goes without saying that the works on display will be highly social and political.

Questions and Answers

The Biennale first began in 1998 and this year will be curated by the polish artist Artur Zmijewski along with Joanna Warsza and Voina, all very political figures. Zmijewski primarily works with photography and film, his belief in the power of art and the emphasis he places on social activism hint at what to expect. If you are looking for answers to the questions art and society raise then you will be pleased to know that Zmijewski wants this year’s Biennale to answer questions, not just ask them.

Giant Art

The event will be an exciting mix of new works by a whole range of new international artists, celebrating and questioning art everywhere. It will also include a giant key which the Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem have lent the KW Institute for the duration of the Berlin Biennale! Not a key to a giant door or any door come to mention it, but a symbolic key. For the refugees a key represents the home they have had to leave, and the hope of returning which they hold onto like the key.

  • KW Institute “7th Berlin Biennale” April 27th – July 1st 2012,  Tue – Sun: 12pm – 7pm, Thu: 12pm – 9pm