Gallery Weekend Street Style

I know it’s petty in the worst possible way, but every I’m at an opening, I can’t help style-spotting. Art and fashion go hand in hand, whether you like it or not; and so, this gallery weekend we thought we’d bring a little art/fashion porn your way and give in to the allure of the street-styles, with just a minimum of snark. So, if you got too caught up in the actual art to notice what anyone was wearing this past whirlwind—oh, I mean weekend—here’s a quick recap for you: all the highlights, trends, taboos, and totally rockin’ good looks that are fit to print from Gallery Weekend 2013.

1. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: grey is the new black—for the walls, not the clothes, that is. As far as outfits are concerned the art world is still head over heels for classic black. So if you’re hoping to infiltrate the cast of gallery girls, pack your tights, skinny jeans, and classic blouse all in black.

Plan B's gallerist Mihaela Lutea rocks black. Photo: Chris Phillips

2. Hipsters may like it tight, but art stars let it all hang loose. We saw swirling maxis, elegant scarves, and more than a few draped dresses, this coat however, was a sexy standout. Who knew loose could be so tight:

The amazing coat of one of Suportico Lopez's gallerists. Photo: Chris Phillips

3. Hats, glorious hats—preferably of the floppy-brimmed felt variety. The very on-trend toppers lent an air of old-world hollywood glamor to independent art spaces like Supportico Lopez, pictured here.

Alexander Forbes and Thea Gregorius. Photo: Chris Phillips

4. Red lips are still the rage. It was like a Revlon convention at the swankier spaces, and even deep on the east side Rothko would have been jealous of the sheer range of reds.

Maria Nogueira. Photo: Chris Phillips

The other gallerist behind Supportico Lopez rocks her red lips. Photo: Chris Phillips

5. There’s nothing like neon. My personal favorite were these hotter-than-hot high tops, but from scarves, to sheer socks, to absolutely raucous eye makeup at the MindPirates Sunday soiree, Neon was a big winner this gallery weekend.

Hsiuching Wong at Tanya Leighton (sneakers match the art?). Photo: Chris Phillips

Rakel Lindgren and Gabrielle Coe. Photo: Chris Phillips

6. Blazers. Simple, sexy, ready for anything. Nothing can take you from hobnobbing with high society at Contemporary Fine Arts to getting down and dirty with the cool kids at Chert with greater ease than a classic blazer.

Stephie Eißrig. Photo: Chris Phillips

7. Sometimes it may seem like the art world is all sleek and super-cool; and then, to my absolute and utter delight, something like this happens and all I can say is, stay sexy art stars, stay sexy:

Alexandra Fly. Photo: Chris Phillips

8. Sexy or just so-so, check out some of the other looks we spotted and let us know what you think of Gallery Weekend Style…

Gallerist Rolando Anselmi

Soabin Ahn

Konstantin Schneider the "Berliner Kunstkontakter"

Konstantin Schneider the "Berliner Kunstkontakter"

Artist Jodie Carey

Laura at Rolando Alsemi

Article by Hannah Nelson-Teutsch