From Beautiful People To A Freak Show

As the first viewing of the Preview Berlin Art Fair wraps up – the so-called Professional Preview – we highlight some of the best moments for our viewers who are still to come! When you think of professional you may just imagine old(er) collectors, press and reporters, and random “in” people in suits and ties. But boy do we have a surprise for you… this professional viewing was a bit of a freak show! From more conservative collectors, to beautiful young gallerists, and start up freaks (with penis noses, see above)… Preview is bound to blow you away!

Take a look at some of the people we met – some of them works of art themselves!

Colin Ardley

Colin Ardley, a Preview artist, enjoying the first hours of Preview being open! Everyone is welcome. Photo: Chris Phillips

Gallerist Eduardo Miery Teran

Feeling a bit territorial?! Only the best of the best are at Preview! Gallerist Eduardo Miery Teran poses in front of his space. Photo: Chris Phillips

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