For True Happiness: Weekend Opening Art Parties!

Welcome to the weekend! If you’re not quite accustomed with Berlin as of yet, be prepared, as tonight is the night when the city’s art inclined take to the streets to hunt out the weekend’s best opening events. Grab a glass of wine and submerse yourself within the German creative capital, get ready to shake off all prior preconceptions and accept a
fairly spiritual theme this week. Feeling overwhelmed with choice and can’t make up your mind which galleries to visit? Worry not, we’ve selected the best opening art events and wittled them down into one manageable city tour, it really couldn’t be simpler!

Thursday 5th Openings:

Neue Nationalgalerie Paul McCarthy, “The Box”, 8pm
Let Paul McCarthy send your world topsy turvy. Inside “The Box” witness his studio flipped 45 degrees. An iconic artist and an iconic installation – definitely worth checking out. 

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien Mark Themann “Sensorium/ Go Into This Space”, 7pm – 10pm
Have your subjectivity challenged as Mark Themann sets off to create a subtle lyrical terrain with a focus on the inner voice. 

Galerie Koal, Group Show “The Mind and The Mood” 7pm
Feeling moody or want to get happy? Head down to Galerie Koal to witness the curational talents of Samuel Gross. Expect lots of color and installation! Artist Olarn Chiaravanont (pictured above) is part of the group exhibition.

Sur la Montagne, Shane Pennington “Leaving the Shade” 7pm
Expect ethereal aesthetics to appeal to your humanity as Shane Pennington forces you to contemplate your daily activities from a whole new perspective. 

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Friday 6th Openings:

Galerie Kamm Wojciech Kosma, Max Weinman and Manuela Lomba, “Wir Treffen Uns Am Abend/ Evening Performance”, 8pm
Make sure you check out the much anticipated performance on Rosa Luxembourg Platz as part of the exhibition, Wir treffen uns am Abend (We meet in the evening), running until July 21st 2012.

Center Berlin Till Megerle, 7pm
What could Center Berlin have in store for us tonight? The lack of information on the internet certainly builds an aura of intrigue! 

Mind Pirates Backyard “MindPirates Film Jockeys” 10pm
The mind pirates warn us to expect Cinema but not a film…. Intrigued? We are. Check out their outdoor screening Saturday night!  

Deutsche Guggenheim Gabriel Orozco “Asterism” 10am – 8pm
Meet the Mexican artist who transform the most mundane materials into works of poetry. Prepare to be stunned at the eighteenth project in a series of Guggenheim comissions. 

Galerie Suvi Lehtinen Elsa Salonen “I walk in the Forest as in a Temple” 6pm
The finnish artist seeks for meaning behind our existance as human beings in the second part of a two-fold exhibition. We hope you leave feeling spiritual! 

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Saturday 7th Openings

Tempelhofer Park Robert Montgomery  “Echoes of the Voices in High Towers” 7.30pm
The man behind the  poignant billboards scattered across various European captials graces Berlin with his presence this weekend! 

Under the Mango Tree A&Ré Design “Written in Concrete” 5pm – 7pm
Anna Iwansson and Régis Lemberthe attempt to humanise design as they link together the past and present. Part of two months worth of events this is an evening sure to be on the fronteir of contemporary design. 

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