Firing A Blank

Showcased in one of the most hyped galleries in Berlin (and not just thanks to its latest James Franco exhibition), the recent opening of Peres Projects‘ new location in Friedrichshain was much anticipated. It was baffling, therefore, that they chose to christen their new venue with such an awful first show.

Don’t Shoot Him, Shoot Me

The name of the exhibition, ” ‘I’M OK.’ MOMENTS LATER, HE WAS SHOT” is probably the strongest aspect of the show. It was these words written across the show’s flyer that had lured me there, my dry and somewhat dark British humor appeased. The only other piece in the show remotely similar in tone to the title is the piece “F (I think you may have something here),” which featured a quote from popular American TV show Seinfeld. 


Two characters are having a discussion about the idea for a new show, its basis being nothing in-particular. Intended irony aside, this, to me, is exactly what the show consists of––nothing. There isn’t even a half-baked artist statement pretending the work has meaning, the vapid pieces on display left to (not) speak for themselves.

Changing Places

Dotted around the exhibition, Ostrowski’s pieces mainly consist of large, monotonous canvases with the odd splash of color or texture, providing a split second break from the painful boredom which inevitably engulfs you whilst looking at them. White, patchily painted backgrounds stare out from most of the work, overwhelmingly reminding me of my old apartment around the corner which had been painted shoddily. This is the kind of artwork which me and my peers would have tittered at in art class at high school, which I should have the maturity and knowledge to appreciate now but detest all the same.

Peres projectsArt enthusiast Ismael Latorre ––as unimpressed as I was? Photo: Chris Phillips

On the plus side, the new space is pleasant, and a stroll down Karl-Marx-Allee is always inspiring with its amazing architecture. The show is the antithesis, content-wise, from the last Franco exhibit, but it has again failed to impress me. If minimalist, abstract art is your thing then who knows, you may even enjoy the exhibition. Yet if like me you need more visual stimulation than a mass of white on white then for goodness sake, give it a miss.

  • Peres Projects – ” ‘I’M OK.’ MOMETS LATER, HE WAS SHOT” by David Ostrowski – Until April 13 th 2013 – Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-6pm [Price Range €3,500 – €12,500]

Article by Marie J Burrows