Fashionable Art People

The fields of fashion and art have been closely related practically forever. Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, for example, was close friends with fashion designers and even designed dresses himself. On the other hand, his artworks have also inspired fashion – in 2008, John Galliano took Klimt as a reference to create the Christian Dior Spring-Summer collection. The relationship between art and fashion is not only present on catwalks, however. Fashion is an identity definer in general – from fashion gods/goddesses to fashion victims. So how important is fashion for the art people in Berlin? We visited two of the top art exhibition parties at Cruise & Callas and Skalitzer’s Contemporary Art last Friday night to capture the style of gallerists, artists and visitors in the galleries. Here is the result:


The gallerist Charlotte Desager and her skyscraper-shaped earrings



Phuong Lam, from OE Fashion Magazine


Lady in black: The artist Frauke Bougasch at Cruise & Callas


Grunge and Retro looks: Joakim and Vilde posing outside of Skalitzer’s Contemporary



Down and Out: Marco Fabio Girardi and his dog (fashion accessory?!)


Oslan Melin using an ecobag as a backpack 


Playing with black and white patterns: Alesa, organiser of ”Silence is a Lie” exhibition


17 fbaps

The gallerist Rory with an unbeatable grunge look


Kelly from Skalitzer’s chose comfortable and stylish shoes for the party


Colorful body art spicens up the grays and blacks: Laura and Philipp


Always a must! Choose shoes that match your outfit – or body art: Vibrant sneakers matching Philipp’s tattoos (see photo above)



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