Ever Feel a Bit Unsettled?

Something is amiss at me Collectors Room. Parallel to the Gerhard Richter Editions exhibit and taking over the Wunderkammer, three young curators have gotten together to “curate the contemporary.” What does this mean for them? To capture the uncanny, or in other words, to confront the viewer with unsettling objects that create a sense of confusion or disturbance. I interviewed the curators Nóra Belovai (Hungary), Rianne Groen (Netherlands) and Marte Elisabeth Paulssen (Norway) – all Master’s students of London Metropolitan University – to discover the masterminds behind this curatorial quest of “Through the Looking Glass.”
Making my way through the Wunderkammer and the adjacent rooms, I truly felt startled and somewhat outside of myself coming across various body forms and beings. Bodies sprawled across the floor, doll heads, creepy twins, a-little-too-personal female sounds of pleasure. Strange how the human body, what we create, and our realities can become so unfamiliar when taking a step back and viewing them from the outside. Perhaps not the most child-friendly of exhibits.
Even Mr. Richter himself makes a marvelous mirror-cameo. The exhibit is fresh, intriguing, and unsettling. Opening this Saturday, April 21st, so you can see for yourself…if you dare.
  • me Collectors Room Group Exhibition – “Through the Looking Glass” – Curated by Nóra Belovai, Rianne Groen and Marte Elisabeth Paulssen – April 21st – May 13th 2012 – Tue- Sun: 12pm-6pm