Elisa Scascitelli


Elisa Scascitelli (born in 1989, lives in the world of fairy tales). Her photographs are characterized by dreamlike scenes and childish personas, full of wonder and magic, which, at the same time, carry you inside a nightmare, where horror and death reign supreme.

‘My work has a structure similar to a dream. There is a character between two worlds, where the charm and innocence are intertwined with the macabre, and with strange spells and sorcery. The photos are inhabited by people apparently normal, childhood objects that open the doors to the mysterious territories. Dark corners and cold, humid, only the tents provide shelter and safety in the woods and from these places. The whole thing is wrapped in a veil of tranquility, as if everything was normal as possible, creating a strong visual impact.’ Elisa Scascitelli

Find more of her work here, read more about her project here.