Electro Glam

Since this is the first ever Berlin Art Week, and our first ever Berlin Art Week Kick off Party, we knew that no run-of-the-mill DJ would suffice for our art lovers…We always need visual stimulation as well! So for all of you lovely Artparasites who will be attending our party and exhibition “Berlinor Splendor next Tuesday September 11th at  STATTBAD Wedding,  get ready to have your mind blown by a performance by He Man Trust On Power Dust! [we dare you to try to say that name three times fast (hemantrustonpowerdust, hemanthrustonpowderdust, hemanpowdereddustrust?..AHH! I give up)]. We want only the best of the best and can assure you that this performance is not to be missed.

He Man Trust On Power Dust, otherwise known by their “elektro glam beats + visual sativa,” will be VJing live at the after party with brilliant visuals accentuating the sounds. One of the group members, sound and visual artist Flavio Degen will also be taking part in our exhibition running parallel to the the party. Flavio’s video projections will not only light up the dance floor, but will also take over one of the bathtub art cubicles! 

What you can expect: the unexpected! We are almost as in the dark as you are. But that is half the fun! Stay tuned to berlin-artparasites.com for the official artist and DJ line-up and chances to get on the guestlist. Join the Facebook Event here for chances to get on the guestlist (winners announced each day). See you there, Artparasites!

  •  STATTBAD Wedding – “Berliner Splendor” berlin-artparasites Berlin Art Week Kick Off Party and Exhibition. September 11th 2012: Exhibition at 7pm, After Party at 10pm. Exhibition will run from 12-6pm on September 12th-13th.

Article written by Kirsten Hall