Don’t Miss: UdK Rundgang 2012!

It’s that time of the year again… time to shut down art schools and turn them into one huge exhibition with thousands of students presenting their work. Add in a Hoffest (garden party) and life is more than good. This Thursday, July 12th, Berlin’s Universität der Künste (UdK) will open its doors for the annual art exhibition and celebration. Beginning at 7pm the doors will officially open, people will pour in and explore the corners and crevices of the art school and its students, and also have the opportunity to socialize a bit during the garden party. Come out and explore the largest art university in Europe which will have its doors open to the public from this Thursday until Sunday, July 15th. 

A Time for Renewal, a Time for Joy

Time flies and we are already in the middle of the year’s calendar. Now, at the end of the semester and while the daylight extends itself a bit longer, the right moment to display and reflect on the things accomplished during the first half of the year presents itself. 
If you live in Berlin and are interested in art and culture, the Rundgang event is definitely a must go. It’s an event to celebrate the end of the semester and the work done by the art students, but it’s also an event that is of interest to all those in the arts community: from gallerists to future art students future students. If you are an artist – or if you dream of becoming one – this is a good opportunity to get to know the university, their programs (in the fields of fine arts, music, design and performing arts), and meet others while meandering through the halls and open studios. 

And, if you are a collector or an art enthusiast, this is a good opportunity to scope out the next best artists of Berlin and to have fresh insight into the creative forces behind the growing art scene of Berlin. But if you just want to go and have fun, without a particular motive than enjoying life and basking it diverse artwork, this event is also for your! In order to give you a better idea of the different kinds of artworks exhibited, berlin-artparasites is publishing interviews with art students from UdK leading up to the exhibition! We have already interviewed Markues (you can read it here), don’t miss out.

  • Universität der Künste  – 2012 Rundgang. Art exhibits to take place at Hardenbergstrasse 33. Opening Times: July 12th 7-10pm, July 13th-14th from 11am-10pm and July15th from 11am-8pm. Facebook event invite