Dear future self: you will understand growing up makes things so much easier, and here’s why

Artwork by Monica Piloni

Artwork by Monica Piloni

At some point, you will come to the realization that you aren’t obligated to anything or anyone in this life.

You will learn that part of living to the fullest is allowing yourself to get hurt and crashed if that’s what it takes to get the adrenaline rush, then to heal and do it all over again.

You will understand that it’s ok. That being childish is allowed. That messing up is allowed. That getting embarrassed on national television is allowed. That thinking about much smarter things to say after the fight is over is a life classic.

And darling, you will learn that everything has a price. That you will own happiness for a moment and spend forever scared of losing it. That success brings you one more step closer to failure. You will accept that and you will choose it.

Further more, you will realize that what yesterday you thought made you left out, made you stand out.

You will love yourself enough to accept other people.

You will, at some point or another, release yourself from the obligation of having to be perfect the whole time. It’s ok if you wear lots of make up and it’s ok if you don’t. It’s ok if you are insecure. Your shyness is allowed. Your goofiness is allowed. You will trip over the ground infront of your crush and you will live to tell the story.

You will be fine with a heart that feels everything so damn intense.

The fact that you’re not and will never be the exception will be fine by you. You will love your shedding hair and dark freckles.

You will no longer want to get rid of what makes you you.

You will understand that we were meant to like people who don’t like us and feel nothing for those who are crazy about our existence. You will start appreciating all the broken pieces within you.

You will understand that an unbroken vase is one that was never at the edge of the table. It’s ok to fall off the edge, it’s to be broken, it means you had the courage to jump.

And chances are, you will feel alive more than ever on your way down.

Submitted to ArtParasites by Sherihan Gamal