Dark Energy And Smooth Vibrations

We’re still reeling from our joint event with Kunst(shot) on July 21st 2012 at .HBC. Yours truly hosted a French-themed BBQ alongside the “Empty Space” exhibition curated by Kunst(shot). Our readers came out in full force and enjoyed munching on grilled brie baguettes and taking in the multimedia artwork that filled various rooms of .HBC. Vadim Svoboda capped off the night with an entrancing live experimental music performance. Seated at a piano with a drum machine in tow, his patterned melodies and beats filled the low-lit room creating an atmosphere that submerged those present in the dark energy of sound waves traversing through the room. As promised, here is our interview with the sound artist where you can find out what brings a French musician to the electronic capital of Europe, Berlin, and what the best club to DJ at in Berlin is! 

BAPS: Where do you come from originally and how did you make your way to Berlin?
VS: I lived in Paris. I moved to NYC three years ago for a year then I came back to Paris a little before heading to Berlin. It’s been a year now, I quite enjoy this city’s rhythm, it can be very flexible. I came here to learn about electronic as much as I can, meet people.. eat kebab. There’s a lot of artists… and space to produce their art.

BAPS: Could you tell us about your live performance at the exhibition “Empty Space” with a piano and drum machine? 
VS: For the .HBC i’m gonna sample a grand piano into a drum machine. Possibilities are wide as you can sample yourself and twist and add layers and layers… this time I’ll try to do a slow dub techno atmosphere with some filtered piano chords. It’s the second time I did this kind of live set, the first one sounded more like an electronic piano-bar.

BAPS: Have you worked with the other artists exhibiting at “Empty Space” before? If so, how did you collaborate?
VS: Never directly work with visual arts with them, but had the opportunity to make a jam in the gallery of Stefania, with a fellow musician and great guitar player Roman Azzaro, sampled again with a sampler and a drum machine.

BAPS: How do you see your music interacting with the artwork of “Empty Space”?

VS: I like dark colors a lot (smiles). 

BAPS: What is your favorite bar or club in Berlin to DJ at?
VS: I love warehouse parties!! Open air parties are also amazing during summer.. I haven’t spinned in all the clubs here, but really enjoyed the Club de Visionäre. However for the kind of live set I did at “Empty Space,” the .HBC concert room is just perfect… You can hardly put a piano in Club de Visionäre!

BAPS: What three words describe what visitors can expect from your live set at “Empty Space” and future live sets?
VS: Smooth sinusoidal vibrations

Thanks for the interview, Vadim! Check out his music here. We’ll keep you updated on the next steps of this fantastic sound artist!