Confession Of A Rebound Girl

Photography by  Jasper James

Photography by Jasper James

I knew that I hit the wall the moment
I´ve put the tag on my own forehead.
Then I realized that you never fucking tried to see me
As something different than a recovery.
And some recoveries won´t last a long time.
And so didn´t I.

And that hurts.
It hurts so fucking much that I was not enough,
That I couldn´t be better than the girl who hurt you.
And all I tried was to make you feel good about yourself again.
And all you did was taking advantage of it.

You sold me the sweetest lies, touched me gently, and kissed me
With your silky lips.
But behind every hidden gesture was her.
In your mind, everytime your fingers painted my skin,
And everytime you kissed my eyelids with so much “love” ,
You were with her.

Practising until you came back to her.

So it took me some time to figure you as a lesion,
Cause what in hell that you have taught me?
That love is gruesome feeling ,
That will take everything from you,
Including your honor, dignity and common sense?
I know that.
You taught me that, no matter what ,there are selfish bastards out there.

Yeah, you thought of me as a rebound girl,
But someone else won´t.
And you´ll always be the asshole who took someone´s heart and spat on it,
Just to get back to the girl who fucked you over.

Submitted to ArtParasites by Jo