China Is Caught By The Anti-Doping Test!

For their current exhibition, Galerie Kuchling has brought Chinese artist Liu Chuanbao straight from the world’s fastest growing economy to our beloved “poor, but sexy” Berlin. Chuanbao presents the series “Urban Hormones,” with paintings of chaotic cityscapes and sensual naked women. Chuanbao assumes the roll of an anti-doping geographer/doctor to denounce the megalomanic construction of Chinese cities, fed with excessive urban hormones.

Liu Chuanbao Naked women is one of the subjects of the exhibition.

The  socially engaged work of Chuanbao is certainly a strong critique against China and his political art is a wake-up call. “It’s like the cities are taking anabolic steroids,” he explains. Those urban hormones can generate fast growing, but in a dangerous unnatural way. According to him, natural growth can bring luck and happiness. On the other hand, there is no virtue in this out of control process of unlimited increase. And this is what the artist shows in his canvas: Dark and often blurry cityscapes as a reflex of chaotic growth. 

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