Wayward Terrains Need Skilled Cartographers. A Sensous Poem

Collage by Matthew Cusick

Collage by Matthew Cusick

When you touched the top of the curve of my ass
I counted all the times I’d been scared to ask for this
When you skirted past the first three quarters of an inch
I thought of my last lover and the way his fingers felt

When you slid down some more
I knew the topography of the contour
would pull you in and under

When you touched base at the peak

I wanted to look into your eyes
(they were closed)

When you started on the decline
I wondered how many times you’d done this before
And if their thermals burned as bright red
As mine in your head

When you almost reached the end of the line
I decided it didn’t matter anymore

When you covered the distance with a decisive firmness

After ten seconds of mapmaking
I couldn’t think anymore
That’s when I knew that

Wayward terrains need skilled cartographers 
And for the first time 
I’d met my match


Tanvi Deshmukh is a nineteen year old girl from Pune, India, with an affinity for words and books, cats and coffee,Nepalese food and hippie music, and the colour green (along with Oxford commas). Currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in English, she loves poetry, volunteers at an NGO and plays the keyboard in her free time. Along with devouring books of all kinds, unless of course, she’s in the middle of heated discussions on feminism, patriarchy, gay rights, or what to name the neighbour’s new dog.

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