Berlin’s Busy-Boy of Art

Talking on the top of the building where Claim was running, Berlin is under us, and it was just inspiring listening to Manuels story and how he decided to dedicate his life to art. Observing far away, farer than the horizon, as if he was searching maybe some answers from the future, Manuel true passion for his work concretisized in wonderful frases like “As a curator you have the brilliant chance to explore everything that you like”.

Young but not a babe
Despite his young age Manuel has clear ideas and he doesn’t esitate to put them in practice: just in the last month he organized “Claim” an exhibition that puts togheter 12 international galleries in a huge location in Lützowstrasse and already planned his next project for April. Project that will involve the London based artist Robert Montgomery; he’ll bring some of his recycled sunlight pieces to Berlin. Details will be announced shortly.
Neue Berliner Räume
The new Berlin based platform for artists, curators and other creatives was born in September 2011 and togheter with Manuel it’s co-directed by Valerie Senden.
The project, flexible and dinamic, doesn’t have a permanent space, but explores different locations for each show, making the work of curating even more challenging and exiting.