Berlin’s Best Art Spaces: Karl-Marx-Allee

Running from Friedrichshain to Mitte, the impressive boulevard that is Karl-Marx-Allee always makes for a pleasant stroll, whether on a quiet hungover Sunday afternoon, a romantic spring time walk or a brisk early morning outing. Lined with impressive eight-storey Stalinist architecture, it was originally named Stallinallee before being renamed with its current moniker in 1961. Imposing architecture is not its only offering however; there are also some art gems sprinkled along its path which we list for you here.

One half of a New York-Berlin gallery duo and situated near Schillingstrasse U-Bahn, Capitain Petzel is a gallery worth visiting. Encased in a glass building from the Socialist era and spreading over three levels the space itself is impressive, and their last show, “Feverish Library,” delivered in two parts at both galleries respectively, was one of the best exhibitions we’ve been to in a while. NB: If you have time make sure you stop by at the excellent Kino International (or international cinema) which is located just a stone’s throw away.

Capitain PetzelCapitain Petzel director Michael Wiesehofer with curator Svenja Schuhbauer. Photo: C. Phillips

Following a successful seven year stint located in Kreuzberg, Peres Projects is also moving to Karl-Marx-Allee 82 on March 1st, 2013, with the opening of its upcoming show ” ‘I’m Ok.’ Moments later, he was shot” by David Ostrowski. After its brief temporary location at Karl-Marx-Allee 87 where the much hyped exhibition “Gaytown” by James Franco was exhibited, we’re anticipating great things at this new space.  

Peres projectsGallery worker Alessandro Cazzola at the James Franco “Gaytown” exhibition. Photo: Chris Phillips 

Moving further on the Computerspielemuseum (aka nerd heaven) is every computer game enthusiast’s dream. Housing over 300 pieces of computer game paraphernalia in their current show “Computer Games. Evolution of a Medium,” the space allows you to escape from the stresses of the real world amongst the bleeps and fantastical characters of a virtual one. As well as admiring the plethora of old school computer games on show, visitors also have the chance to play some of the games, including the ominous looking “Painstation” by artist group /////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces.  

Computer Spiele MuseumTourists Patricia Ladavid (L) & Gustavo Tagliaferri at the Computer Spiele Museum. Photo: C. Phillips 

If computer games aren’t your thing then worry not, across the road is the much acclaimed Architektur Galerie which specialises in archtiecture “beyond conventional exhibition practices.” Berlin, we we would expect nothing less. Nestled away at number 96 Karl-Marx-Allee, what could be a better spot for such a space? If all the walking has left you tired, then make sure to check out the fancy CSA Bar next door, which is designed to look like a minimalist airport lounge. 

Article by Marie J Burrows