Berliner Weekend: Opening, Screening & Performing!

After a hectic week starring O-day (no, not Oprah; Obama) and crazy hot weather, we’ll be facing calmer and fresher days during the weekend. The most stirring events include openings, performances, readings, screenings and, of course, a Saturday art-party. Summer is reloading and so is the Berlin art scene – Komm mit!

Thursday June 20, 2013

Rockelmann & – "Introduction" Opening – 6pm

The title of this group show is very rightly “Introduction”  because it is also the opening of this new space. That’s right Berlin, this event is also the birth of a new gallery. Their manifesto includes integrating new media as well as conceptual and innovative artistic views. They look to create a harmonious mixture between installations and new media productions. Alexandra Rockelmann, the curator, will be there to tell us about her new projects. We’re eager to see what they have to offer!

Barbara Weiss – "Beyoncé" Opening – 6pm

Jonathan Horowitz is an artist from New York that works with current zeitgeist topics such as LGBT movement, environmental activism and consumer products as cultural artifacts. The show is called Beyoncé for it features the American pop star, spokesperson for Pepsi, as the center of this solo exhibition. “Her potential for consumerist projections is seemingly endless. No public figure endorses more brands in the U.S. than Beyoncé. The universality of her public performance appeals to virtually every demographic and race.” To discuss on modern culture, stereotypes and the public sphere, please tune in this event!

Berlinische Galerie – "Jenny Jenny" Opening – 7pm

This is the first solo exhibition of this young artist in Berlin. Tobias works as a photographer and his focus are young people around the globe and their isolation in our ever-virtual world. This creates a link between photography and documentary as an artistic possibility to frame and address social reality. 

Friday June 21, 201

KWADRAT – "Adler Afrika Aktie" Opening – 5-10pm

Adler Afrika Aktie is a solo exhibition by German artist Philip Metz that draws social, political and historical connections between Germany and Ghana. “Aktie” is German for “share” and that’s why 100 art pieces (photos, videos, documentaries, sculputures) are for sale. The result is that each buyer will be invited to an art exhibition in the Goethe Institut in Accra, Ghana in September 2014 which will be founded with the “shares” bought from this one. This investment and long-term idea of art seems worth the visit to Kwadrat!

Sophiensaele – "HOME" Performance – 9pm [Normal price: 14,30 €]

Subtitle:The Fantasy of Cultural Solidarity or Bobby Can You Clean The Ectoplasm Off The Wall?
While being on the road, dance artists Dani Brown and Justin Kennedy met visual philosopher and sound artist Gael Cleinow. Throughout their nomadic journey, they staged together different home scenarios in different places. Their artistic identity was built and their performance is a ritual that lives off their artistic talents to explore the concept of “home,” this time in Sophiensale (today and tomorrow!).

Zak | Branicka – "The Weight of 8" Opening – 6pm

Marlena Kudlika's project features an installation especially prepared for the gallery space. It consists of three objects along with a narrative. “The weight of 8 is a description of the relationship between space and language.” What is different about her sculptures? “They are made with a jeweler's precision, but at the same time an error is factored into the process of their creation. This relationship leads to a balance—the main theme of the exhibition—not only between, for example, numbers and the written word, or dimensions and color, but also the balance of weights. Her sculptures are based on statistical calculations.” Alright Kudlika, you have our attention.

Grüner Salon – "Chamäleon" Performance Reading – 9pm

A performance reading by artist Gerald Hartwig, who we interviewed recently. After getting the scoop on his graphic novel, we are eager to unveil the character live and see how he tells his own story. Storytelling started in fact as an oral activity so let's go back to its roots and enjoy a thrilling performance by Gerald the chameleon. 

Saturday June 22, 2013

Haus am Waldsee – "Entweder / Oder (Either / Or)" Opening – 6pm

This group show is part of the international Kierkegaard year. Danish Philosopher distinguishes two personalities in  and their respective devotedness to life: the "aesthete" (A) and the "ethicist" (B). "The aesthete loves form, material, color, visualization, sensation, seduction, irony, playfulness and adventure. The ethicist appreciates rationality, substance, clarity, consistency, empathy, repetition, political commitment and loyalty.” A group of artists choose either one or the other side to be in. It sounds like a new and exciting approach to group exhibitions and art‘s linkage to Philosophy. 

Schinkel Pavillon –"Variation FQ" Opening – 6pm

In this exhibition, artist Jeremy Shaw will premiere his latest work – a 16mm film that places the transgender vogue dancer, Leiomy Maldonado, within the aesthetics of Norman McLaren's 1968 ballet film, "Pas de deux". “Variation FQ is a study of the co-evolution of subculture, gender, dance, and special effects.” There will also be a talk with Marc Glöde about the artist’s work that deals with the documentation of physical and ritualistic activities of subculture. Could be a good exhibition to link to Horowitz's take on the cultural sphere!

Art Claims Impulse – VIdeo Art Screening – 8pm

Artist Dave Ball will be showing a selection of filmed performances and video pieces created between 2008 and 2013. We covered his exhibition "From A to Z" at Art Claims Impulse and can't wait to see what he has to offer in other media. He will be there to speak about his work in case you have any questions after reading our article (comes out on Friday)!

Fiesere Miese – Art Party – 11:45pm

To end the night with some dancing let's go to a party where music and live painting are on the menu. The first is in charge of Puresque (a project founded in 2010 by the charismatic mixing-wizzard Mocca and techno icon Paul Brtschitsch) and the latter by artist collectives ORBLE, DEXTROSE and VAGE. Looks like a winner!

Article by Sofia Martinelli