Berlin: Was It Worth It?

Many artists consider doing a residency abroad, and these two young art students pooled their resources, enthusiasm and last drinking money to come to Berlin. Originally from England and Switzerland, we meet up with the conceptual art duo a couple of months after their exhibition in Neukölln to see if they would recommend the Berlin art residency experience.

BAPS: How are you doing now, a few months on after your Berlin endeavours? 

SB: In regards to personal projects I’m running a gallery/arts space in England called Bristol Diving School, which is going really well, and I’m still  focussing on my collaborative projects such as Helibase and another called Peek Kollective. In regards to Helibase we are aiming Helibase Part 3 for summer of 2013 and have been interested in various locations, from Switzerland to Istanbul. Exciting stuff! 

BAPS: Would you do the experience again? 

SB: Yes, definitely. Helibase is a very young project and is still finding its feet, so even though the word “experimentation” is kind of frowned upon, I feel that’s where this project was, and Berlin was a good city to facilitate that. 

BAPS: Do you think working in Berlin has had a direct impact on your work? 

SB: Yes, I enjoyed working in the city. I found it a very interesting and engaging place to be, and all the people I met were lovely and helpful. Something I noticed most and possibly more in Neukölln was the pace of the city, there didn’t seem to be too much  rush or worry. This definitely changed how I worked and my approach to the project, not in regards to the hours I put in, but more the end product and how I handled the problems I encountered.  

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