Art Glorious Art @ Café Des Artistes

Mayumi Okabayashi’s delicate and intricate art was so widely interpretable that it seemed to recall each person’s own thoughts and memories so the meaning was different for each viewer. Her work doesn’t just stick to paper, but has also been created on objects such as stones! The main idea which is present in all works is connection. All the different parts of the painting are connected, creating an elaborate and mind-swirling effect.

This theme of connection wasn’t just appropriate for the art but also the atmosphere. Art, food, music and people were combined to celebrate the art and the 150 years of friendship between Japan and Germany.

Café Des Artistes had prepared so much tasty food for all the hungry art-lovers that the Parasites went away feeling very full and happy! Definitely the best opening food….ever! Eyes and heads full of art, stomach full of yummy food……need any more excuses to come along to the Parasite Invasions, we didn’t think so!! 

Café Des Artistes Mayumi Okabayashi March 19th – May 12th 2012 Mon-Sat: 12pm-12am