Add Color To Your Weekend

After a mid-week Feiertag (German for “holiday”) celebrating the reunification of Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall, we return to our daily lives and realize… it’s nearly the weekend! Put down your history books and explore what the Berlin art scene has in store for you. (Though if you are a history buff pining for more lessons, we can recommend the opening at Berlinische Galerie tonight with some pretty stellar GDR photography!) Openings and closings galore, there is something for everyone – from paintings, drawings, animations, photography and even the chance to start collecting reasonably prices art at the “Great Affordable Prints Show”. Here is our listing of the Best Art Events and Parties for the weekend! Enjoy.

Thursday October 4th 2012

Idrawalot: Solo Exhibition with Bert van Wijk
Can an artist bring the abstract and the figurative to a same work? We don’t know, but that’s what Bert van Wijk does it. This is not only a chance for checking his combining attempt, but also an opportunity to buy it! They are selling a super limited edition of 20 copies, all signed and numbered by the artist. And the best part: They only cost 10 euros! So hurry up to buy it, you might be able to sell it for a lot more in
the future!

Berlinische Galerie Opening: The Shuttered Society/Geschlossene Gesellschaft.
It has been more than 20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, but some of the best art photography in the GDR never received proper attention. This historical exhibition is the world’s first comprehensive exhibition about it! Take some history lessons in art form!

Kaleidoskop – Kuntal Patel: Stories in Space
Come check out the new Kaleidoskop studio of the artist Kuntal Patel. He moved from Nashville to Berlin and is now creating stop-motion animations to documented his wall paintings and drawings. This is a chance to witness his work process and experiencing the studio’s atmosphere of creation.

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Friday October 5th 2012

129Gallery – “Multiplicity”: The Great Affordable Print Show
If you couldn’t buy Bert van Wijk’s work on Thursday, don’t get upset. There is another opportunity for buying reasonably priced art: “Multiplicity; The Great Affordable Print Show”. A group of 46 Berlin based will exhibit and sell limited edition prints for very reasonable prices. So you can still start you art collection this weekend!
Porcelaingres Showroom – Verdandi Finnisage
Due to this exhibition in particular, we became a huge fan of the Spanish artist Beatriz Crespo. If you still haven’t seen her portraits, that so beautifully explore the human condition, this is your last chance. So come to the Finissage Party to meet the artist and see her large format paintings, installations, and drawings.
LEAP – 20111111111111111s 
Half of the year has already gone and some people are already making plans for 2013. But not this group of artists. They refuse to look to the future and instead they are still haunted by the ghosts of 2011. The exhibition 20111111111111111s (pronounced “two thousand elevens”) will look back to many important past events captured with a complex perspective. This media work selection is a way of re-interpreting the
main headlines of last year’s newspapers.

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Saturday October 6th 2012

Mukkefukk – Omar Jaramillo Exhibition
Have you ever spotted a guy with glasses holding a notebook, sketching away at many Berlin art events? If so, chances are you’ve spotted Omar Jaramillo, an Ecuadorian/German illustrator. He will be exhibiting his colorful urban sketches, showing a beautiful side of Berlin!
Galerie Son – Christian Martinelli exhibition
For his art, the South Tyrolean artist created huge mirror-coated Camera Cube. In this exhibition, you can either check the result of it in the CubeStories series or even the Cube itself, installed in the gallery!

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