About All The Times You Drive Away Only To Find Yourself

Photography by  Ted Chin

Photography by Ted Chin

The sun is setting and you’re stuck in traffic,
You’ve been sitting for so long but you weren’t seeing anything,
The last ray of sunlight touches your tired eyelids,
You hear the song playing on the radio,
You get lost in the memories of someone who’s lost to you.Your hands are turning cold,
roll down the window and breathe,
The crashing twilight breeze on your face and cheeks,
The falling tears won’t reach your lips,
The wind will dry them away, my dear.Feel the wheels of the car on the muddy road,
Doesn’t it feel soft like walking on water?
You need some time alone with yourself,
It has been too long a while,
You’ve forgotten your own voice.Get out of the car and stand in the rain,
Let the rain reach inside your heart,
It will take all the hurt away,
The pain will fall from your eyes
but the rain will hide it from prying stares,
Just let yourself feel the grief,
and your body is with you,
You are healing with every deep breath,So, breathe in, my dear,
Breathe in your fear,
Breathe in all the hurt,
Breathe in all the guilt,
Breathe in all the betrayals,
And then let it all go.
Just let it all disappear.