A Trip Inside The Art Space At Ori Bar!

Ori Bar in Neukölln is a place that hasn’t yet decided what is wants to be, but that’s completely okay – this part gallery, part bar is a spot for creativity, where they assure you that “everything is permitted.” The guidelines for the current do-it-yourself art exhibition at Ori are equally as open: From children’s drawings to artworks of technical perfection – you’ll catch a glimpse of everything there. And it doesn’t matter if its on canvas or cardboard you found outside of your apartment. It’s all about the art! Breaking down the formality of a conventional gallery, this is a room for collaborative art and free creative impulses. We decided to stroll on by and see what exactly Ori has to offer…

Ori Bar

Our trip to Ori happened to be on a Thursday – unbeknownst to us, every thursday, poetry readings take place in addition to the usual gallery and bar hang-out space. Initially going to Ori to check out the artwork for the current surprise exhibition – meaning: no artists or hints were given prior to the exhibition opening, everyone was invited to participate and artwork was hung up at 3pm just before the opening! – we were surprised to find an almost ritualistic activity happening inside the art space! Sitting in a desk in the middle of the room under very intimate lighting, the room was completely overtaken with the voice of the person in charge of the reading. The bar remained in complete silence and the moment seemed somehow magical. Since the texts are usually read in German, there poetry readings are a good opportunity for expats to improve their language skills!

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