A Letter To Those Who Keep On Chasing The Wrong People

Photography by Andressa Rangel

Photography by Andressa Rangel

Have you ever encountered someone, heard their story and you’re like, “Damn, they hurt him?” because no matter how much you spend so many sleepless nights thinking of any single reason why they should hurt him, none of which was reasonable enough.

When you ask him if he’s okay and he agrees even when you know he’s not, you suddenly just feel like stretching your arms over the phone and squeeze him with hugs until he complains he can no longer breathe.

When he says no one will ever love him, you shake your head all the time and disagreeing because you do.

When he complains about his weight and feels so little about himself, you just feel like shutting his mouth up and tell him that those imperfections don’t matter anymore because he’s already amazing the way he is.

Because there’s so much more to him than what meets the eye. There’s so much more to him than his voice when he sings or laughs and obviously so much more than what people see on his Facebook page.

I just don’t understand why people always make him feel like he’s so hard to love when he can pour his whole heart on them.

What he doesn’t know is that those little things he does have the power to make mornings happy, boost mood from lonely to better, and can make hate disappear when you’re curled up in bed crying over a bad guy who left you for someone years ago.

I hope one day he’ll meet someone who can see those little things and I hope one day he’ll have the courage to walk away from people who don’t.

Written by Rio Jane Blanco