2013: Resolutions From Familiar Faces pt. 2

Following part one of our series on new year’s resolutions from some emerging Berlin-based artists, we bring you part two (logical, we know). Enjoy learning what 2013 holds in store for the Berlin art scene!

Elisabeth Mladenov:

For me the resolve towards self-improvement isn’t really seasonal, I try to keep it a constant. For that to be possible, health and calm precede everything else. What’s new this year is my inspiration towards collaboration. I want to experiment with collaborative work methods even in the traditionally solitary medium of painting, but also across the divisions between art fields.

This year starts with the completing of my first work as an art book editor: the monograph of sculptor Lilli Stenius. Later, the year will bring about an exhibition I am looking forward to, which takes place in the former home and atelier of the Museum of Finland’s currently most prominent painter, Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

 A resolution for the coming year is not to mull over whether it makes sense to dedicate a lot of my time to other arts: music and writing. And then two would be simple things: whenever possible, no Internet before lunch, and also make time for a summer vacation.  

Maryna Baranovska:

My new year’s resolution is to open doors through working on my projects and to overcome any obstacle – I’m open minded and I let the light guide me towards new ways.

For February, I’ve scheduled a solo show with Berlin gallerist Anna Jill Lüpertz. The show will consist of a series of paintings titled “fairytale country.” Through this project–which I’ve started in 2008–I want to illustrate a certain time in my life and transform it by ways of figurative painting. My intention was to tell a story of my own and thus I created my own mysterious universe: a narrative journey into my subconscious, told by six oil paintings on canvas sized 3×2 meters.

Hanging from left to right, the first painting to see will be “Madame Octopus,” jumping from the past into the future. Then there’s “Death”– an ironic look at my own life. “Industrialized landscape” will discuss the transformation our world is going through. After that “Plüm”– a word I invented myself to describe a kind of explosion and which I use in my everyday vocabulary. This is followed by something really new: “Looking for the new earth.” I painted that one after my “Forest series” – which was almost monochrome – to explore a different kind of painting that’s more expressive and emotional. “Looking for the new earth” is my take on “Noah’s Ark” – and last, but not least there will be the “Running boar,” an entire painting filled with fairytale creatures.

Beyond that, I am looking for future opportunities here and abroad, I’m planning to apply for the Berlin Senate grant and most of all, I’m really focusing on my painting this year.