Your Weekend Is Sacred

Summer is officially over, the autumnal equinox has come and gone, and suddenly it feels like winter. Forget the outdoor beach bars and parties and head indoors to the various events and parties happening at galleries, art spaces and bars around Berlin. This weekend is particularly special with an exhibition of the collective of artists who made the former Kunsthaus Tacheles what it was, an art walk that ends in the classic German dish potatoes and quark, and a testosterone-free art party! What does it all mean, where should you go, what is the meaning of life?! Find out below on our list of recommended art events and parties for this weekend.

Thursday September 27th 2012

Cube Club – Klartext/Tacheles – 7pm
Kunsthaus Tacheles may be closed, but the free spirit of Berlin art is stronger than never before. With the slogan ”BERLIN CAN DO MORE, AND SO DOES ART!”, Kunsthaus Tacheles has organized this Tacheles Follow Up, presenting a cross section of the work created in Mitte’s ”art ruin” for the past years. The future is here and the city needs new spaces. So that’s is a fresh new start for all!

La Placette – Possible Exhibitions – 7pm
This isn’t a conventional exhibition. Actually, this isn’t an exhibition. Better, it’s an exhibition of possible exhibitions, a display of exhibitions that have never happened but will always stand as a probability. Confused? So are we. But come get lost in this imaginary ramifications of time. After all, everything is possible and this is the final day of the exhibition!

Boothaus am Spreeacker –  The Religious Thing/Heimat – 5pm

Using long the exposure/light painting effect, Anna Schmitzberger creates enlightened sacred elements out of the darkness. We wouldn’t like to model for her (since, while the picture is being taken the model isn’t allowed to move or blink for a long time), but we sure want to check her dreamy-spiritual figures. The exhibition continues with metaphors of divinity with the display of Thomas Munns’ work, that brings a theme important for many popular mythologies: The sacred nature; or ”mother earth” with a mediator power between man and gods.

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Friday September 28th 2012
Okerstrasse 2 – Art Walking Tour – 12:30pm
This is a good opportunity to meet in person two Berlin based artists (Bruno Di Lecce and Claudia Olendrowicz). They will talk about their projects, tell stories about their neighborhood (the dirty trendy district of Neukölln) and teach you about Berlin culture. After walking and taking, it’s time to eat! You can try a traditional German dish: the delicious ”Kartoffeln und Quark” recipe, original from the Brandenburg region.
Glogauair – A Lapse Of Absence – 7pm

Still confused by La Placette’s possible exhibitions? This won’t help your mind! This gallery will present a group exhibition, but the works don’t follow any aesthetic similarity. Their common goal is to shaken in your status as a viewer while playing with the theme “presence/absence.” They will make the visitor open doors to otherbmore personal physical elements, showing that something has happened,has not happened, should happened or will happen.

Schau Fenster– The Artist as Curator – 7pm

How important is the figure of the curator in an art gallery? For some, it’s essential. For this group of artists, not so important after all. They have united to say: ”We don’t need no curator”. Can artists do a good job curating themselves? Tell us after you visited the exhibition! 

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Saturday September 29th 2012

Autocenter – Moving Away Party – 8pm

The Autocenter has been a staple in the Berlin art scene with it’s large art space that is constantly changing and taking up new art – in July we were lucky enough to catch some art by Master’s of Arts students from New York University. After all has been said and done, the Autocenter is now moving to a new location… come throw down with them at their farewell party and catch the “Ruhe” (translated as “Calm”) art performance by Anouk Kruithof! We’re sure this party will be anything but calm!

Club Gretchen – Party Arty Vol. 3 Female Speciality – 10pm

Think the art world is dominated by men? Maybe this event will make you re-think that! Party Arty organised an testosterone-free evening strictly with female artists. This would definitely make the Guerrilla Girls really happy!

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