Painting by  Emily W. Martin

Painting by Emily W. Martin

To you.


Relationship (noun) : the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.

There are many things in the world you can do with two people. Put them on a see – saw, and watch them scream their lungs out. Put them in a dark room and watch as they open up to each other about their fears. Put them under water without oxygen, and watch them hold hands, thinking about a few last wishes.

Then, there are huge emotions. Love, the most complex, or hate, the simplest. The poems we read are about two people, the writer and the muse, and so is a slaying, the slayer and the slayed.

No one will write about the night you sat by the window and thought of your own self, or the six hours you spent at a stretch trying to Google your horoscope, only because it makes you feel happy as you ridicule it.

What about the last book you read, it made you cry, didn’t it?

Oh, that movie was scary. You almost screamed your lungs out as the screen went black.

That cupcake you’ve hidden for yourself in the basement? I doubt if it still tastes the same.

Do not let them tell you that you need two, to survive in this world. Yes, her joke made you laugh, but nothing made you smile like your own toothpaste moustache. Yes, his song made your heart race, but not like when you took the bike by yourself, for the first time.

The greatest love in this world is living inside you. Don’t let them tell you it is for someone else.

Go write that damn letter. Sing that song to yourself in the washroom and paint your own world.

It’s you after all.

Mayank Arora