Wrap Yourself Up In Art This Weekend!

You shouldn't be shocked to see that we've got a diverse list of events for you this weekend. Film, sculpture, photography, graffiti, performance and a moving train. Yes, a moving train! 

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Kinderhook & Caracas  – "DISTANZ OHNE GUAYABO" Opening – 6pm 

Judging by Kinderhook & Caracas' back catalogue of exhibitions, you'll never be disappointed by anything exhibiting at this gallery! Distanz Ohne Guayabo is Marco Montiel-Soto's solo exhibition featuring his latest photography work. With an extensive portfolio featuring photo collage and video from all over the world, you're bound to feel like you've traveled with him. 

Mindpirates e.V. – "Filmouflage: The Screening Of An Exchange" – 7pm [Entry: 3 €] 

Filmouflage, an artist group focused on film media, bring to Berlin this special selection of short films and video art from Bogota that will simultaneously be shown in both cities. “The idea is to create a link between Bogota and Berlin through audiovisual expressions.” And don’t miss the drinks and latin jams after the screenings, courtesy of DJ Perro Socio. 

Kunsthalle M3 – "Entering Space" Panel Discussion – 7:30pm

“Entering Space” is a group show of eight international artists who deal with the spatial development of sculpture now that it has left behind its traditional pedestal and wall. Moderated by curator Tina Sauerlander, this space-talk will orbit around the question “What distinguishes 21st Century sculpture?” and will count with the presence of artists Eliana Heredia, Maria Munoz and Ursula Stroebele (UdK Berlin) and Marc Wellman (Haus am Lützowplatz). Bring your questions!

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Agora – "Memories" Opening – 6pm

The eternal gift of memory, what would we be without it? This is the question posed by this group exhibition with the main focus of examining memories. Their collection of photographs, performances, installations and graphics will attempt to paint a picture of that which was, no longer is, yet it’s still vaguely with us. The past will be yelling “present!” in this wonderful exhibition, don’t miss it. 

Leap Berlin – "The Phenomenon of W24°58’59,43″ N42°07’55,29″ Opening– 8pm

This fascinating installation comes to us courtesy of HR-Stamenov, a visual artist from Bulgaria. From the press release: "HR-Stamenov suggests a light spectacle, as a train literally 'appears' inside a building, leaving passers-by unknowing of what they have just seen." It's already got our attention. 

Kuss Kuss Küche – "Variete Ridiculous" Cabaret Show – 9pm

Check out the sexy, titillating offerings from a wild variety of performers here, promising us DANCE, BURLESQUE, DRAG, SEXILY SHOCKING SCENES, ARTISTS THAT MAKE A MESS! A cabaret show that pushes the envelope. Challenging your sense of gender, sexuality, humor; all these things!

Babylon Theater – "Video Art At Midnight" Screenings – 12am 

The Babylon Theater on Rosa-Luxemburg Str. hosts free screenings of video art at midnight once a month. This particular edition features Candice Breitz, who will be present to screen footage from a selection of works that have never before been exhibited in Berlin. From the descriptions it sounds unbelievably good. See you there!

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Abhorstation Teufelsberg – "Seasons Final Graffiti Jam" Opening – 11am

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of European Hip Hop history, streetstyler.org are hosting a graffiti jam to thank everyone who contributed! They want the event to remain as small as possible, so naturally we felt like it had to be posted here. 

Future Gallery – "Local Manifestations" Opening – 7pm

"In Local Manifestations, Spiros Hadjidjanos excavates the topology of our contemporary wireless terrain – the virtual/physical surface of wireless networks through which we communicate – uncovering the interlocking system of nodes and redundant connections upon which this intangible landscape is constructed." What are we drinking? 

Autocenter – "Would You Ever Write A Tract?" Opening – 8pm

A group show featuring the works of Scott Benzel, Eiko Grimberg, E.E., Vishal Jugdeo, Pennacchio & Argentato, Claus Rasmussen and Cathleen Schuster. Expect photography, installations, video, publications, sculpture and much, much more. Don't forget to breathe! 

Compiled by the Artparasites Team