Let Your Desire Ripen To Perfection

Illustration by Denise van Leeuwen

Illustration by Denise van Leeuwen

Some things you have to have right now, others become sweeter the longer you wait, ripening to the peak of perfection. Let ArtParasites’ Sayan tell you about one of them:

the sea softly moans
touching the shore
sleepily, wearily,
like a lover who
has waited beyond
stopwatches and sand clocks
for desire to reach him.

I stand unmoving,
like a lost ship,
in the sea,
which your eyes
have come to fill,
your waves caressing
every inch
of my existence

I watch as the moonlight
slowly eases its way
across your lips,
the ones
my pale, fragile
fingers have longed
to meet
with their tips
for ages
that ages can’t remember.

you gaze at me,
piercing through every bit
of skin
I have called
my own,
your goosebumps guide
my hands
to places
only Gods
have been.

and undressing you
in the gentle silence
on which my world stands,
I know
words were only invented
by those
of loving

Sayan Sen is a 19-year-old from Kolkata, India, with a deep affection for puns and football. Currently pursuing Electrical Engineering, he loves poetry and loses his heart to all those who offer him food. He makes homes out of quotes and never says no to stargazing and 3 A.M heart-talks.