Work It!

Well Artparasites, it’s been an amazing week with art fairs galore, gallery exhibitions, and parties… But luckily for you, Berlin Art Week is far from over! So get ready for an incredible weekend, cause this party ain’t stoppin! Friday is argueably the best day of the week… the euphoria of work-ending, weekend just at the grasp of your fingers, the after-work stop at the Kiosk for a beer to drink on the U-Bahn. This is Berlin, we have one of the best and most vibrant art scenes in the world… so join us and celebrate! Start the day off with some culture and political art, then get ready for a night of exhibitions and parties! Here is our Berlin Art Week tour for Friday September 14th 2012:

Haus der Kulturen der Welt  “Between Walls and Windows: Architecture and Ideology” 10 am-7pm

There is no reason not to challenge your mind: Start off with architectural works that examines ideological influences at Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

 KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Head over to the KW Institute for Contemporary Art for an exhibition that examines the re-structuring of social and political systems in the Arab world.


Stattbad Wedding“Echoes of Voices in the High Towers” – Robert Montgomery

Bigger is better! British artist Robert Montgomery works in large scale outdoor installations such as large light sculptures at Tempelhof and advertising and billboard spaces around the city. Come check out his newest exhibition in the big pool at Stattbad Wedding!

 U-Bahnhof Magdalenenstraße “Lebens(t)räume Lichtenberg” OPEN-AIR FASSADENFEST – 4pm-10pm

Starting from 4 pm, bands will be playing to celebrate the gigantic artwork of Christian Awe. He painted a huge fassade (33 x 15 m!) in Friedrichshain. Street Art breaking records: definitely something you shouldn’t miss!

Galerie Torstrasse 161 – ”This is Circus” – 10pm

While promoting this group exhibition, one of the artist was dressed as a penis-nosed gargoyle! So you can imagine how crazy this exhibition will be. Come visit this artsy freak show and stay for their aftershow.

TURNTABLE TUTORIAL meets URBAN ART CLASH  September 14th, 2012

 If you are a fan of all things urban art, this is the event for you! Exhibitors include: Estavan Oriol, Slick, Casey McKee, Lokey, Alesh One, Alexander Rodin, Plotbot, and Decycle. Graffiti, photography, painting, and music all combine to bring you an incredible night out in Neukölln!

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