Word Up: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

This weekend’s choice picks of parties, events and exhibitions kicks off Thursday with a healthy dose of raw, socio-political-inspired docu-photo-art at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, followed by another dollop of art-ucation via a useful screen printing workshop at Betahaus, before taking a trip down the proverbial rabbit hole with the opening of a brothel-themed tattoo parlor. Friday is all about the alternative side of art with a bizarre audio-visual installation performance that brings together musicians and walkers (hopefully not of “The Walking Dead” variety!), while ORi Bar showcases an esoteric selection of Turkish short films and GloauAIR goes abstract for its latest group exhibition. Finally, spend the first day proper of the weekend getting philosophical as Fredy Alexander Carrillo’s Dreizeg Festival attempts to reconcile the perils of adulthood with the struggles of modern living, while reflecting on life’s daily absurdities at the Czech Center’s new Galerie TZB, before finally letting your hair down at the opening of + – 0, the city’s newest (i.e. hippest) temporary project space.

Thursday November 22, 2012

Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt – “Chronicle of a Revolt” Exhibition Opening – 6pm (Free)
The two-week-long photographic exhibition that documents Senegal’s recent 13-month season of protest kicks off with a discussion featuring leading African social and political commentators, including political scientist, philosopher and author Achille Mbembe, and a concert by Didier Awadi, one of the central figures of the Senegalese hip-hop scene and leading activist of the protest movement.

Betahaus – Screen printing workshop – 6.30pm-9.30pm

Words are amazing things; they can make us laugh, smile, cry and get angry. And with that in mind, this three-hour screen printing workshop ­– running as part of Betahaus’s “Build or Buy” project and hosted by UK-based designer Snug Interiors ­– is designed to provide beginners with hands-on experience in the basics of the craft, as well as how to use words and type in designs, from t-shirts to tote bags and more.

The Decay Parlour – Grand opening and exhibition – 8pm
A case of wearing one’s “art” on their sleeve: the grand opening of this intriguing Moulin Rouge and Victorian era-influenced brothel-themed tattoo parlor sees the solo debut of Berlin-based tattoo artist and illustrator, Myra Brodsky showcasing a series of sketches, tattoos and illustrations in the new exhibition space with a live set by DJ Jackee Word.

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Friday November 23, 2012


ESDIP Berlin – Silences 7 (Accompanied Walk) – 8pm (Free)
The latest in the collaborative series of minimalist audio and movement artworks choreographed by Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty, expect the unconventional while your definition of “art” is tested as two mysterious-sounding “walkers” and a pair drummers create an audio-visual installation-performance, featuring an exclusive vernissage of visual artworks by Berlin-based Irish visual artist Ciarán Walsh.

ORi – Turkish Short Delights film night – 9pm (Free)

The format of short film, which ­has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity thanks to the short attention spans of today’s YouTube/Facebook-obsessed youth, is no longer solely the domain of West European and American filmmakers. As such, ORi presents an evening of analogue, digitally enhanced and animated shorts by Turkish auteurs such as Ferit Katipoglu, Mehmet Can Kocak and Ali Can Meydan, on waiting, cyber worlds and the transformation of traditional tales into modern guises.

GlogauAIR – Open Studios Exhibition opening: “…And They Lived Happily Ever After” – 9pm
An experimental exploration of the unreal, surreal and ethereal, the artists on display at GlogauAIR’s latest tri-monthly Open Studios Exhibition reflect the disjuncture and fragmentation of modern fast-paced urban living to create new meanings through montage and juxtaposition, via cross-disciplinary mediums such as installation, video art, sculpture, creative writing, architecture, electronic music, painting, performance, and photography. Are you ready for this mash up?

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elisabeth-ehrlich-hbcArt enthusiast Elisabeth Ehrlich, at HBC, will be glammed up for the weekend. Photo: Chris Phillips


Saturday November 24, 2012


Agora Collective – Dreizeg Festival 2012 – 6pm (9 euros)

Created by Columbian-born and Berlin-based artist Fredy Alexander Carrillo, the Dreizeg Festival aims to celebrate the work of artists in their 30s while considering the sources of their existential angsts (the global economic crisis, mass unemployment, immigration etc…). He attempts to answer such philosophical questions as, “How does maturing as an artist today differ from previous generations?”,  “How do current economic and social difficulties affect their work?” and “How are life changing events reflected in their work?”.

Galerie TZB ­– “PLAY_NATURE_WORK_FUTURE_” Exhibition Opening – 7pm

The Czech Centre Berlin celebrates the opening of its new gallery with a group exhibition of young artists living in Prague and/or Berlin. Featuring the work of Robert Bárta, Martin Kohout, Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tká?ová, Pavla Sceranková, Pola Sieverding, Libor Svoboda and Philip Topolovac, an array of photographs, videos and objects reflect the absurdity of everyday life.

+ – 0 – Grand opening and exhibition ­– 9pm (Free before midnight w/ invitation card)
Run by the guys behind the HBC, the grand opening of their latest performance-dedicated temporary project space (open until the final day of February 2013) features a huge Nadim Samman-curated line-up of painters, VJs, DJs, architects, musicians, dancers and performance artists worthy of a three-day festival, followed by the obligatory after party replete with Human Zoo performances.

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Article by John Thornton