Wide Awake

Hide your alarm clocks and head out for the evening to check out the “Sleep Disorders” exhibition opening at The Wand tomorrow night, August 2nd. The art project was initially conceived in 2010 by Benjamin L. Aman and Marion Auburtin. Since sleeping disorders are usually hard to get rid of, it’s no surprise that the exhibition has already happened twice: First at Forgotten Bar in Berlin and then at Centres d’Art Nei Liicht & Dominique Lang in Luxembourg. Now, the project returns to Berlin for a third and even more striking group exhibition as Melissa Steckbauer joins forces with the curators for a multimedia, introspective exhibition.

Do You Have Any Problems Sleeping?

Sometimes even the most peaceful rooms aren’t enough for a good night sleep. A long relaxing hot bath or warm cup milk neither: Many people just simply can’t sleep well at night, and we don’t care how many tips and tricks your grandmother’s grandma passed down, sometimes they don’t do squat. In the US of A alone, 40 million people suffer some kind of chronic long-term sleep disorders. And I’m not only talking about insomnia, the problems are various: Teeth grinding, snoring, sleep walking… To solve the problem, you can go to the doctor, attend meetings (yes! similar to A.A.’s ones, Alcoholics Anonymous for those unfamiliar) or… take everything as a form of inspiration and create art!

But don’t go to the exhibiton thinking that it will help you deal with your own sleep disorders. Some of the artworks promise to be quite disturbing. It’s an exhibition about the most indistinctive shapes or faces that you can find in the darkness, “with pieces that will drag you to endless contradictions.”

As curator and artist Benjamim explains:

“This third episode brings together 10 artists working on different medias, from sculpture to sound, object, painting, photos, collage : Michael Barthel, Enrico Bertelli, Barbara Breitenfellner , Mirja Busch, Leif Elggren, Agnès Geofray, Marthe Krüger, Benjamin L. Aman, Daniel Löwenbrück, Jean François Robardet.  Together we will address themes shifting between conditions of inner quietude, restlessness, and inexplicable upset.  Materials are given special attention, will be expansively reconfigured, and gently pushed into borderline positions within the rooms of the project space.”

Sleep, or rather, ART, tight!

  • The Wand Sleep Disorder – 7pm August 2nd