Why So Sad?

The exhibition, currently on display at the gallery Klosterfelde, is a group show combining the work of three artists preoccupied with the concept of duality; the playful Darren Bader, Lara Favaretto, an artist who enjoys to shake up the order of the world and Bas Jan Ader; the late great performance artist who was later lost at sea during an art performance entitled “In Search of the Miraculous.” Though they are absent, this exhibit captures the essence and presence of all the artists through their various multimedia artworks.


Ring the golden doorbell and step into a world where the tension between presence and absence hangs heavy in the air. Welcome to conceptualism at its most obscure; yet don’t be put off as your gaze falls upon a laptop screen, behind which a kangaroo and lobster stand casually side by side. Darren Bader’s piece, perhaps confusingly disappointing at first glance forces you to let your imagination free from its cage, for in these three rooms it is your key to enjoyment.


A Tea Party for One?


Find yourself confronted with the towering wooden box of Lara Favaretto. We are teasingly told that “something” hides inside, concealed from view.  Find yourself ravaged with curiosity as sparks of speculations fly about your mind but be prepared to lose faith in your detective skills; for as I discovered, no amount of circling the piece enlightens you to possible answers. Carry on, and last but not least find a short film by the late Bas Jane Ader. His death was a loss lamented by the art world yet here he is found in spirit at least, engaged in a solitary English style tea party.


This is an exhibition that is what you make it; let your mind wander endlessly and find yourself satisfied by your own curiousity; engaged and stimulated. However If your imagination struggles to find its find its feet and you find yourself yearning for a good old fashioned oil painting, do not fret for the day has not been wasted – you are just around the corner from the best schnitzel in town; manoeuvre your way up Kurfürstenstraße (be prepared for it is one of Berlin’s red light district) and find the original Café Einstein at number 58 (be sure to get a seat in the garden).


  • Klosterfelde, Darren Bader, Lara Favaretto, Bas Jan Ader, “Untitled (Tea Party)” July 7th – August 24th 2012, Tue-Sat 11am-6pm (Price Range: not for sale)