Why I’m Falling In Love With You

Painting by Itzchak Tarkay

Painting by Itzchak Tarkay

All my life I’ve read about the girl
In the corner of a coffee shop,
Sipping tea that wouldnt stay warm enough throughout the duration of her book.
Ive read about the boy who watches her from a distance,
Soaking himself in her
Like a once-crunchy cookie,
Dipped and ready to roll over anticipating tongues.

I’ve read of the way he will be unable to take it anymore,
How he’ll build up courage and walk over to the girl that lives in her own world,
Smiling with a ‘Hi’ and pretentious comment on whatever it is that she is reading.

So, you’d venture out to coffee stores with your book,
Hoping someone who never came
Would notice you,
Putting you in the world from between the pages.

Silly girl,
This is why
I am falling in love with you.

I am in love with the way you look for love
Always dreaming silly dreams
Of planned serendipity and butterfly effects
Inside chests that had planted fields themselves.
I love the way you grew tired of pretending to read in a coffee shop,
And how now, when you visit them,
You simply watch the other pretenders and fall in love with them the way no one ever did with you.
I love the way you let your heart dance through the floors
Of library basements instead,
Sniffing mouldy books
-Not because it has been romanticized in the very literature on those pages-
But simply because the stuffy smell
Stores shivers in your chest,
Shivers alive and moving,
Dancing and giving birth to tropical storms
In places you forgot could even move.
I am in love the way you kiss your wrists in showers,
Telling them of days of love,
Where no metal would ever again be the kisser.
I love the moments you spend in the mirror
On those fine days you feel beautiful,
Blowing kisses and curling your lips
Into smiles that live for only you.
I love the way you always feel as if mornings were made just for you,
And as if Helios is always the one to kiss you first,
And you’re the one to give the second ‘hello.’
I love the way you’d spend way too long
Holding the door for a stranger
Because of the way your eyes light up when someone else occasionally does the same for you.
I love the way you can never make eye contact without smiling.
Oh, and  the way you pull a little stubborn smile
When you’re sure you’re wrong and arguments can no longer be won.
I love the way you light up when the sun decides to hide away and darkness fills the picture instead,
And the way you play hide and seek with the rabbits in the sky.
I love the way you stick your tongue out to the first few drops of rain,
And drink up the tears when your eyes are breaking.
I love the little skip in your walk
And the way you danced the first time you’d allowed yourself to taste Life,
Realising you could.

I love the way you love.
I love the way you’re falling in love
With me.
And i love the way your eyes glow,
Wet and magical,
When you realise that.

Dear me,
This is why
I am falling in love with you.

Written by Maajiedah Satardien