Why Can’t They Just Let Us Enjoy Being A Woman In A Man’s World?

Photo by  Manon Clavelier

Photo by Manon Clavelier

She is a young of early 20s. She’s pretty. She has many friends few of whom are boys. She likes to wear make up and stay up to date with the fashion. She gets stuck in her day dreams, loves to dance and enjoys partying more than anything.
She is how she’s supposed to be at her age. She’s following her generation trend.
Boys of her age enjoy the same and more, but why is it that her stability is questioned? Why is it that her reputation is scrutinized by the society?She’s in her early 30s now. She’s pretty but she’s aging. She’s working and she’s independent. She still feels young because she’s still unmarried. Boys of her age may not even have achieved what she has. But why is her unmarried status questioned?

Why is her integrity questioned?
We’re all growing, both boys and girls, we’re all aging to becoming men and women, but why is it that a girl is accountable for everything that she does and everything that happens to her? Why is it that a woman is accountable for every decision she makes, and why is it that her dignity is questioned when she’s on her own and independent.This world is always seen as a man’s world, and women don’t strive to take their place, but why is that a woman’s place is questioned?
Why can’t they just let us enjoy being a woman in a man’s world?
Submitted to ArtParasites by Diki Sherpa