Who Let the Pugs Out?

Berlin street artist XOOOOX has done it again. This time with exceedingly cute, alert and fully expressive pugs. Walking by this Gleisdreieck wall, I can almost hear the heavy breathing and soft snorting of one of the world’s best creatures: pugs. But what would bring one to the seemingly dull, trafficky wasteland of Gleisdreieck? This lesser frequented corner of Kreuzberg actually has a lot to offer – in addition to street art, of course – namely, the lush Gleisdreieck park!

The park is under-going extension to incorporate a bit more southern and western parts of Berlin (think: Schöneberg and the area near Potsdamer Platz), but even with just the eastern part of the park open, there is quite a lot of space and calmness.  Due to it’s proximity to train tracks, it has even been compared to New York’s famous High Line Park. Personally, we think it has a ways to go before it can be compared to High Line, but it does make for a great escape within the city’s grey urbanscape. The best part is the street art you can catch on the way to the park from the Gleisdreieck U-Bahn Station. Thanks, XOOOOX!

  • Location: Gleisdreick U-Bahn (lines U1 and U2)