Who Are These Naked Artists?

Meet the mystery men behind the art of ping pong tonight at Bar Babette! Artistic and unique, ping pong's latest alternative won't require a drop of sweat..or water!

Ping Pong is no longer just a sport, but a type of art – tonight on Karl Marx Allee, artists Claudio Wichert and Clemens Wilhelm can be found at Bar Babette celebrating the release of their new book, Ping Pong which documents the work that they produced together during their residency at Buitenwerkplaats in the Netherlands. Join the official release party on Wednesday night and meet the artists behind this Ping Pong madness!

Claudio and Clemens spent their 90 days of residency in the Dutch countryside intensely living and working together, using one another as inspiration, literally batting ideas back and forth. Every day they would each produce one page of art in reaction to the page before and the result of the duo’s creative dynamic manifests itself within the pages of their new book. Ping Pong consists of an eclectic mix of charming poetry, life anecdotes, illustrations and photographs, all weaved together to create a dialogue, sometimes in a question and answer formation until there, right in front of your eyes you witness the concept of ping pong transcend the borders of sport and enter a more artistic realm.
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How will they play without rackets? Photo: Clemens Wilhelm and Claudio Wichert, courtesy of Clemens Wilhelm

Celebrate the fruits of their creative union with the artists themselves tonight at Bar Babette’s “Info on Books.” Here you will find a host of books launching their feet off the ground as well as a short film documenting the exhibition “Let the Rhythm hit ‘em” and addressing the relationship between music and visual art. DJ Sporty Jack will be providing the soundscape for your evening, which will kick off at around 8pm. See you there!

Bar Babette Clemens Wilhelm and Claudio Wichert “Info on books” June 19th 2012, 8pm